Lighting Design for Commercial Projects

Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Westbourne Grove | Creating atmosphere and comfort can be achieved within a strict budget, by localising light to specific tasks.
Cinema Posters | Bespoke dimmable optical LED systems to backlit posters with hinged fronts for easy access (for EHP)
‘Marie-Chantal’, Sloane Square | LED systems integrated into merchandise storage, supplemented with high output wallwashers, while decorative pendants relate to island units
‘Marie-Chantal’, Sloane Square | Visually bright and welcoming lighting in this boutique clothing store by means of metal-halide and LED sources
Reading Power Station | The final installation has created a brighter more comfortable workspace
Reading Power Station | Here we are attending the mock up of a bespoke linear system which incorporates indirect lighting; low glare direct lighting; Audio system; alarm cabling; Data cabling as well as emergency lighting
National Grid Control Centre | The night time scheme is warm but the visual brightness and uniformity does not compromise functionality
National Grid Control Centre | The full extent of the bespoke ceiling is shown here. Each of the linear lighting booms have four dimmable lighting circuits each separately controlled through a satellite time clock. The colour and intensity of the lighting changes every minute of the day, settling into a fixed night time scene
National Grid Control Centre | This site is manned 24hours a day and the lighting has to reflect the needs and wants of the staff, as the rotation shifts necessitate different lighting applications. Psychological as well as physiological criteria are taken into account with the lighting scheme: Glare; Modelling; Intensity and Colour
Quince Tree, Henley | Low Energy solution to Retail Unit, Cafe & Pub
Linear Lighting Detail | detail showing the linear lighting we apply to define architectural planes
64 Knightsbridge | As well as external lighting VBK undertook the internal lighting with a series of office lit by wall mounted uplighters, and wallwashers providing light to artwork in the reception area
Coffer to Reception Area | A simple lighting detail highlighting an architectural coffer by concealed linear LED systems
High Holborn | Intimacy created in this large shop front by tight beam focussing onto sculptures and a blue uplighting system to the ceiling plane. Vitrines are also lit with Internal lighting
Curved Cathode | This corridor is lit solely by the concealed cold cathode lighting system reflecting off the ceiling cove details. It provides clean interior with no glare or visual clutter
Boydell Court, Swiss Cottage | Rectilinear lighting slots travel through this 3 storey glass stairwell defining the height and vertical planes. These also act as a visual separation between the walls