Lighting Design for Exteriors

Corten gateway, Spain | Fibre optic quadrants illuminate this gateway and uplight the corten screen and bougainvillea. Note that during the day no fittings are visible. We take great care to conceal all light fittings whenever possible
Private Villa, Ibiza | Raw copper backlights provide a glare free light source
Chateau Puyvigier, Bordeaux, France | Great care is taken to ensure that all functional lighting such as step lights are concealed during the day. Only the period lanterns are on show
Chateau Puyvigier, Bordeaux, France | Period detailing on this chateau calls for reworked lanterns, supplemented by landscape lighting to trees
Heveningham Hall, Suffolk | The final commissioned scheme. Note the floodlighting is set as a secondary application, acting only to link the wings of the house so as to be seen entire facade. The dominant lighting is the architectural detailing onto thewindow reveals colonnades; capitals and balustrade | LIF Award
Heveningham Hall, Suffolk | The floodlights provide a uniform light over the entire facade over which we apply supplementary accent lighting techniques. This intensity automatically decreases as daylight decreases to leave a balanced lighting scheme as seen on the next image | LIF Award
Heveningham Hall, Suffolk | A series of 1metre square pits were excavated with lids which were turfed. These lids are linked to hydraulic motors which rise at dusk, bringing with them the floodlights straddled to the underside. | LIF Award
Heveningham Hall, Suffolk | The heritage listing of this Adam building also extends to the landscaping which was laid out by Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown. This prevented light fittings being visible and also prevented any fixing of lights onto the structure. View next images for solutions.... | LIF Award
Private Villa, Ibiza | Raw copper backlights provide a glare free light source. (see
64 Knightsbridge | This building is Heritage listed denting any permanent fixings for light fittings. We have applied all the light by way of fibre optic head with projectors mounted remotely.
Entrance, Formentor | The glass canopy is lit internally by fibre optics. The 9 metre high retaining wall floodlit by drive-over buried wallwashers set into the driveway
Decking, Formentor | Backlighting behind a vertical pelmet and step lights combine to provide a dramatic and well lit decking area used for dining (for deRosen developments)
Groucho Club, Soho | Linear LED floodlights uplighting the facade of the building. | LIF Award
Porto Montenegro, Tivat | Another view of the prototype pier with the side emitting fibre optics
Porto Montenegro, Tivat | The palm trees lit on the mock-up pier. The final installation will have lit benches and fountains.
Porto Montenegro, Tivat | Laying of the palm trees in the planters which have already been first fixed for uplighting (for Martin Lane Fox Landscapes)