Lighting Design for Restaurants & Leisure Projects

Champ Elysees Biennale, Paris | Precise lighting onto this exhibition of antiques | European Lighting award, Budapest
Vingquatre, Kings Road, Chelsea | Uplighting behind the banquette seating provides visual brightness during the day while spotlights to the tables offer intimacy at night (for Bentheim Design)
Wagamama, Harvey Nichols | ......and a warmer, richer atmosphere for evening post-dusk.
Wagamama, Harvey Nichols | A bespoke lighting system in this lower ground floor restaurant was designed to allow for 2 distinct lighting conditions: Daylight for the lunchtime crowd.......
Courtauld Institute, London | A commissioning project to light the artwork which comprised a special exhibition relating to the articles of art critic Roger Fry
Tate Modern | Max was part of the concept design team for the gallery spaces at the Tate advising on skylights and accent lighting (for Schall/Herzog de Meuron)
Wellcome Trust, London | ‘Heart’ exhibition lit using spotlighting commissioned by VBK
Wellcome Trust, London | These private gallery spaces host exhibitions which rotate every 3 months. Here a silver casting of a human heart is lit using daylight reflected into the gallery through a series of mirrors.
Atlantis Gallery, London | This converted brewery is lit with contemporary minimalism.
Concord, High Holborn | Contrasting colour temperature specific to given objects displayed provide high levels of drama
Concord, High Holborn | Accent lighting to Reception desk
Concord, High Holborn | High impact lighting ensures huge volumes are filled with a light play onto sculptures
Interior Design Exhibition 2018 | Interactive exhibit with lighting responding to visitors' anxiety levels.  For DWA | 2018 Best of Canada Award
Groucho Club, Soho | Bespoke luminaire to the private dining rooms. Trademark contemporary art collection is illuminated to define the perimeter | LIF Award
San Marco Manchester | optics and accent lighting to the Bar and counter-top displays
San Marco, Manchester | Wallwashers dominate the murals on the walls