Lutron Lighting Control Systems

Lutron Central Control Systems

VBK is a longstanding specifier and designer of Lutron Central Control Systems. Specialising in Homeworks QS we design, supply and programme systems in-house, to not only control our own lighting design schemes, but to operate in conjunction with other components including blinds, sensors, motors for skylights, pool covers, trap doors and more. We work closely with external consultants to ensure compatibility to their equipment.

We can co-ordinate with other suppliers closely for the provision of Lutron's quiet window treatments.

Max was responsible for the first Homework's system in Europe back in 1990 and in 2012 VBK designed and commissioned the first fully functioning Homeworks QS system in Europe. 

Lutron Keypads, Devices & Sensors

Hundreds of keypads are available from narrow architraves, conventional sizes to hand held devices. Wall mounted keypads with clear fronts, paint finishes or wallpaper backing allow discreet installation. For listed and period buildings we offer convertors enabling an existing switch to communicate to our system.

The Homeworks QS system can use wireless keypads allowing additional switching points to be added without cables, a huge benefit to traditional and listed buildings or where walls are not being altered.  All devices can be engraved to describe buttons functions.

When connected to your home wireless network the system links to an app on an iPhone, iPad or android device allowing control of all lighting circuits connected to the system. The Lutron app will also be available for the upcoming AppleWatch .  The ID signal will even prompt you to turn lights off when you leave the house.

Lutron Window Treatments, Curtains & Blinds

Lutron provide ultra-quiet motors for residential environments where silence is a pre-requisite. With the advanced communication protocols these are also guaranteed to be synchronised so that blinds in series arrive at the open and closed positions at the same time.  This is partcularly critical if you want blinds stopped mid-way, for example half open to prevent solar glare or create privacy.

Many variations on window treatments are available including Roman Blinds, Privacy Sheers, Curtain Tracks, Tensioned Shades, Blackout Blinds and energy saving Honeycomb Blinds.

Lutron have a large range of fabrics from which one can select, alternatively a fabric of your choice can be specified and the complete mechanism will be specially assembled and installed for you.

Controlling '3rd Party' Equipment

The Lutron systems also operate 3rd party equipment such as gates, fountains, doors, hydraulic systems etc, either via direct mains-operation or by way of a simple volt-free contact depending on the type of motor. This enables these motors to be controlled directly from a Lutron keypad or app. We also programme them into our astronomic and 24hr timeclocks so they can automatically be activated by sunset, sunrise or your daily schedule.

As well as Cinema Screens and TV Lift Mechanisms, Blinds and Lighting can all be synchronised when changing room scenes for example from Seating to a Movie Mode. 

NB: If using 3rd party motors please contact us at the beginning of the project to dicuss compatibility.  

Lutron as part of Home Automation systems

Lutron are recognised as the world leader in the manufacture of lighting controls. For that reason we believe that the Homeworks QS is the default product for residential projects.

We work with Home Automation installers to ensure our Lutron system coordinates with whichever interface is used, for example Savant, Crestron, AMX, Control4, etc.