Lighting Design for Museum

Carlton Hobbs, London | The client wanted to maximise the drama creating an intense atmosphere treating the space as an installation rather than a gallery with objects to be inspected
Carlton Hobbs, London | A private gallery displaying fabulous pieces from C17th. All the lighting is from a gantry system commissioned by VBK
Millennium Galleries, Sheffield | As well as utilising daylight, these galleries are lit by accent lighting from high level and internal fibre optics within cabinetry
Tate Modern | Max was part of the concept design team for the gallery spaces at the Tate advising on skylights and accent lighting (for Schall/Herzog de Meuron)
National Portrait Gallery | The ceiling was lowered to conceal all lighting. Framing projectors mask light onto the canvas with no light falling onto the glass screens | LIF Award |Radio 4 Feature
National Portrait Gallery | The pictures are hung on glass screens creating a very difficult problem for lighting – Glare (both direct and reflected) being a major issue to | LIF Award |Radio 4 Feature
National Portrait Gallery | Leading toward the main gallery the lighting levels are allowed to lower to gain impact of the canvas beyond the threshold, while dictating traffic flow and generating drama| LIF Award |Radio 4 Feature
National Portrait Gallery | The busts within the ‘Statuary’ illuminated using filtered incandescent lamps (for CZWG) | LIF Award |Radio 4 Feature
National Maritime Museum, Greenwich | Detail of an early portrait subtly illuminated
National Maritime Museum, Greenwich | Spotlights were commissioned to highlight the cavalier armour
National Maritime Museum, Greenwich | Light sensitive manuscripts are lit by fibre optics (for Bentheim Design)
National Maritime Museum, Greenwich | VBK were commissioned to light the worlds largest collection of artefacts relating to the reign of Elizabeth I. Here 4 different lighting techniques are applied for different subjects
Science Museum | Objects within glass cabinets are internally lit, some from below (for Bentheim Design)
Science Museum | Vertical surfaces are lit without any visible beam pattern (for Bentheim Design)
Victoria & Albert Museum | Mock–ups were held to assess impact of the LEDs. This image shows a single panel of glass lit while those adjacent are not| NAS Design Award | Radio 3 feature
Victoria & Albert Museum | Huge screens set against windows allow filtered daylight to illuminate stained glass during daylight hours supplemented by bespoke LED mounted within the frames (for Ronanyne:Design) | NAS Design Award | Radio 3 feature