Lighting Design in Contemporary Residential Projects

Formentor, Spain | The huge internal living space lit from concealed linear lighting.
Constellation, Nantucket USA | A series of miniature fibre optics generate a star system.
Play Room, London | Linear and skylight illumination supplement external lighting. (for Milk Studios)
Fishers Island, New York USA | Contemporary rectilinear new buid lit to emphasise architectural volumes.
Bathroom, Kensington | Ambient & Task Lighting is derived from concealed LEDs.
Bathroom LED | All lighting is derived from concealed linear LED systems.
Barrisol Skylights | Bespoke skylights with integral LED DMX colourchanging system behind a Barrisol on the curved reveals.
Art, West Sussex | Artwork is a key component of the vertical surfaces in an interior. It provides subject matter for illumination ensuring the perspective through a room is visually bright.
Pool Room, Kensington | A Barrisol system provides high level of ambent light for pool games, while fibres provide drama within the aquarium
Stair Detail, Belsize Park | LEDs in a continuous miniature slot detail to a cantilevered stair add drama to this 4 storey stairwell.
Concealed LEDs | Linear LED systems are concealed within this stairwell to generate an ethereal lighting effect with no evident luminaires
Floral Display | General illumination contrasts with accent lighting to displays.
Stair, Hampstead | Miniature 6mm fibre heads light treads and risers.
Bathroom, Chelsea | Perimeter slots allow lighting to be fully concealed for an indeterminate source.
Helix Stair | Concealed linear LEDs illuminate walnut treads on this spiral staircase (for Bentheim | Trolliet).
Formentor, Spain | Huge clifftop construction with internal lighting which becomes a key part of the external view at night (for deRosen).